Spa Services

  1. Ultrasonic Skin Therapy
    Ultrasonic Skin Therapy
    A unique and effective 3 stage treatment including. 1. Peeling (mechanical exfoliation) 2. Deeper product infusion. 3. Healing micro current therapy and suitable for all skin challenges and conditions. Time: 1 1/2 Hr
  2. Age Management
    Age Management
    Restores a more youthful appearance by targeting the visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Time 1 Hr
  3. Acne Control
    Acne Control
    Clarifying treatment for blemished, congested or breakout prone skin conditions. Time 1Hr
  4. Vitamin C Brightening
    Vitamin C Brightening
    Reduces the appearance of unwanted pigmentation due to sun damage. Also helps to restore firmness and elasticity to the skin. Time 1Hr
  5. Re-Balance
    Soothes, calms and brings balance to sensitive/ dehydrated or combination skin. Time 1 Hr.
  6. Lunch-Time Express Treatment
    Lunch-Time Express Treatment
    Improve tone, texture and get your skin glowing with this "express" exfoliation treatment. Time 30 Mins
Eyebrow           $15
Lip                     $10
Chin                  $10
Cheeks             $15
Full Face           $40 
Underarm               $25
Chest                        $50
Half legs w/knee     $50
Full legs                    $90
Regular Bikini          $50
Brazilian Bikini         $75
Half arms                  $40
Full arms                   $60
Stomach                   $50
Fulll Body                 $400